I offer courses on how to use medicinal plants and how to manufacture natural skin care products.


A herbal excursion is a wonderful way of getting aquainted with wild medicinal plants. We walk together, exploring the plants along our route with all our senses whilst I describe how to recognize and use them.


In this course you will learn the basics on using medicinal plants. We go through the history of medicine, the active substances of medicinal plants, how to pick and dry plants and various ways of preparing them. Half a day is spent out in the field where you'll get to learn how to identify different medicinal plants and how to know when is the right time to pick them. We also make mixtures such as herbal oil infusion and tincture.


The course mixes theory and practise and the target is for you to be able to keep learning on your own after the course – and of course prepare your own herbal remedies.


Course length: 1-2 days (live) or 5 weeks (digital online course)

The online version is available only during the European summer. Course link will be published in the end of April.


Manufacturing your own skin cream, soap and shampoo is both good fun and good for your skin as well as the environment. Best of all: you get to choose the exact contents of your products and no longer have to expose yourself to mineral oils, synthetic fragrances and other dubious ingredients. You can also adjust the products according to your specific skin and hair type.


In this course you will learn how to make a few basic products that you can use later to develop your own recipes. You will also learn about skin-nurturing herbs, vegetable oils, essential oils and other ingredients used in natural skin care products. This is a creative and inspiring course that most people absolutely love.

Course length: 1-2 days (live). An online version will be available shortly.


Join an exciting excursion into the forest, fields or mountains and learn more about our wild medicinal plants. You'll find out how to recognize and use common plants for medicine, food and spice. We'll also talk about how best to pick and prepare them.

A herbal excursion is like a guided tour into our cultural heritage and provides an image of how our ancestors lived before there were doctors and hospitals available for everyone.


Your forest walks will get new dimensions: From now on you will see useful plants everywhere.

Did you know that dandelion flowers are sweet and tasty or that the troublesome goutweed tastes better than spinach? Spruce sprouts are good for coughs, mugwort relieves menstrual pains and lady's mantle heals wounds.

Good to know

  • The excursions will take place regardless of the weather.
  • A notebook may come in handy. Preferably a small book with hard covers (so you can press newly found herbal friends in your book).
  • A loupe may enhance the experience.

Exclusive excursions

I am delighted to perform exclusive excursions with private groups. An excursion can take place more or less anywhere – in a park in town, in a private garden or in a pasture. There are medicinal plants everywhere!