Follow me outside and let me show you the secrets of the plants!

I want to inspire you to discover the healing properties of medicinal plants. Nature offers us many possibilities to take care of our health.

My aspiration is to, through my work, inspire people to try medicinal plants as a complement to pharmaceuticals. Plants can of course never substitute ordinary health care but they do offer some interesting possibilities where pharmaceuticals may not be enough.


To go out in nature and gather your own medicine provides a double-acting therapeutic effect. The walk, being surrounded by plants and trees, the search for the proper plant, choosing and picking the individuals you want and finally going home to prepare the remedy – all this sends strong signals to the body about healing.



I developed my interest for medicinal plant as a child. I was born in Sweden where we traditionally spend a lot of time roaming forests and fields. From a very young age I spent a lot of time outdoors and had people around me who knew a great deal about nature. At age seven it dawned on me that nature is full of wild edible and medicinal plants and that's when I decided to learn all I could about this subject. I've stuck to that path. Years 2000-2002 I took an herbal therapist education on Eklöf's Herbalist School in Stockholm and have made a living out of it ever since, giving lectures and courses and leading excursions.

I have always enjoyed storytelling and to me, the transfer of knowledge is an important part of the job. With that in mind, I began working with radio in 2005, having my own weekly radio programme on medicinal plants. The same year I was recruited to the hugely popular lifestyle magazine Strömsö in Finland's Swedish Television.

After four years of working with radio and television I enrolled on a journalist education, after which I worked part time as a news journalist and news anchor. Years 2012 and 2013 I made a television programme on medicinal plants for the Swedish National Television, Herb School, a programme which was entirely my own production and that I am proud to see broadcast over and over again. Year 2014 I presented The Garden at Strömsö. I still work with Strömsö, which is a lovely production, and sometimes freelance as a photographer.

During the Covid lockdown 2020 I took the opportunity to finish some pending book projects and published three books later that year, one of which, 'Health from the hive', has been translated into English,


Year 2005 I was recruited to the hugely popular lifestyle magazine Strömsö, nowadays brodcast in the largest tv channel of Finland, YLE1. The programme is also broadcast now and then in Swedish SVT and Norwegian NR. I am one of the experts of the programme, producing pieces on herbs, health, natural skin care, training and exercise, vegetarian food and outdoor life. 


Herb school is my very own production, broadcast in the Swedish National Television, SVT. They are short programmes, each episode presenting one medicinal plant. I describe how to find, recognize and use the plants, as well as explain how active substances of the plants work to give it its medicinal properties. The programme was recordes 2012-2013 and has been broadcast over and over ever since.


I have written three books, currently available only in Swedish. One of them so far, Health from the hive, has been translated into English and will shortly be avalable on Apple books and Amazon.

Health from the hive

Alexandra De Paoli &

Lotta Fabricius Kristiansen


This is the handbook for learning more about beehive products and how to use them for health and skin care.


In the book, beekeeping expert Lotta Fabricius Kristiansen describes how the bees produce honey, beeswax, propolis, pollen, bee bread and royal jelly and I explain the health benefits of bee products. The book contains lots of lovely recipes for ointments, lip balms, shampoos, soaps and other things you can produce at home. The recipes are clear and easy to follow and several of them are created specifically for this book.